Buyer’s Agent

Below we explain what our buyer’s agent can do for you when buying your home in Curacao.



Phase 1 your buyer’s agent is your contact

After you or we found your (dream) house, your buyer’s agent will get in contact with the selling broker or owner to arrange a live tour

Phase 2 the buyer’s agent as expert

During the live tour(s), the buyer’s agent will have an objective look at the property. You are working on the layout of the house, we check if there are any hidden defects and if a structural report is required. An expert and professional buyer’s agent at this stage is crucial.

Phase 3 the agent is also experienced with in-depth investigation

After you have had a positive live tour, the knowledge and expertise of the agent will come in play. He will thoroughly examine all related matters that have to do with the property. Aspects like cadastral data, zoning, municipal, environmental legislation and where applicable the Association of Owners (apartment rights).

Phase 4 the buyer’s agent keeps his head cool

After everything has been checked and there are no objections to continue negotiations, the buying agent without being emotionally attached to the property, can do the best negotiations and thus achieve the best possible price for you.

Phase 5 the buyer’s agent as a lawyer

When both parties come to an agreement on the negotiations, the selling broker/party will setup a sales contract. At that point your buyer’s agent can act as a lawyer and will review the contract in detail and adapt where necessary.

Phase 6 buyer’s agent and the notary

Now that everything is settled and the contract is signed, the buyer’s agent will work with you to inspect the property to see if your house will be delivered in the agreed condition (according to contract). After this process the buyer’s agent will supervise and assist the notary and notarial transfer.